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Ürünler Test 2


Prestige ORO™ is an ultra-premium gypsum bonded investment developed and perfected for the casting of gold up to 22K. To achieve the smoothest casting surface possible, “ORO” incorporates specially graded refractory ingredients along with proprietary control additives to make it the most user-friendly investments currently on the market today.

Independent tests performed by some of the world’s best known casting companies, find Prestige “ORO’’ to be a far superior investment for casting gold. “PERFECTION IN JEWELRY CASTING TECHNOLOGY” Oro comes in 22.5Kg. Plastic lined Poly Sacks, ergonomic 22.5Kg. plastic drums and also in 45Kg. heavy duty reusable plastic drums for safe containment of used investment.


• Highest purity, white gypsum mined from the world’s best known deposits
• Uses only a special premium grade cristobalite from America.
• High purity refractory grains, sized to achieve the smoothest casting
surfaces possible
• Mixes to a rich, creamy, easy pour consistency
• Reduces surface tension on wax to supply bubble free castings
• Easy removal during water quench
• Controlled expansion properties that are compatible with all injection waxes
and commonly used plastic pattern materials.
• Reliable consistency from batch to batch
• Eliminates surface defects obtained using other brands
• Reduces time in finishing. Saves time & money

Powder: Water Ratio (38% - 40%)Powder (Kg.)Water (cc.)Powder (Lb.)Water (cc.)
Automatic Vac. Mixing13801172
Conventional Mixing14001181.6
Water Temperature ˚C21-2421-2421-2421-24
Automatic Vac. Mixing Mach.Minutes
Accurately Weigh Powder / Water------
Add Powder to Water------
Mixing & Vacuuming5
Pour into Flask2
Vacuum Invested Flask1
Total Working Time8
Conventional Mixing Mach.Minutes
Accurately Weigh Powder Water------
Add Powder to Water & Mix4
Vacuum the Bowl1
Pour into Flask1
Vacuum Invested Flask2
Total Working Time8
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