Certus — Investment Powder Technologies Co., Ltd., established in Istanbul, Turkey, began operations in 2009 and is a company dedicated to the research, development, production and marketing of superior quality investment mold materials and support products used in casting ferrous and non-ferrous metals via the "Lost Wax Process".

The founding of Certus began with the vision of two men, Mr. Chris Urgupluoglu and Mr. Anthony Gugliotta, two long time industry professionals with backgrounds in materials research, formulating and production that spans more than 50 years. The company was formed due to a chance meeting of the two men who were introduced during a visit to the United States by Chris to visit a key raw material supplier. After meeting and finding out that each man had similar views on life, morals, business ethics and quality, a friendship developed that would soon lead to the establishment of a company that ultimately would become an industry leader within an unusually short time. Within five years from start-up, Certus is now considered a leader in the industry and one of the few that can provide expert technical assistance for their customers. Products produced by Certus provide the investment casting industry with a wide range of investment powders and support products from which to choose. As the most modern producer of investment powder, Certus has quickly become a model for all other producers to follow. According to the founders, one of the greatest successes at Certus has come from their "PRESTIGE" line of "user friendly", premium casting Investments. Engineered to outperform all old, outdated premium investment powders developed in America back in the 1960's, the "PRESTIGE" line of premium casting investments use all the latest developments in ceramic raw material and formulating technology. To ensure the quality and consistency of their products, Certus utilizes only the purest raw material sources available in the world. Because of the high purity and sizing of the refractory grains used, defects still obtained with other competitive brands have now been eliminated, thus far "Surpassing the Industry Standard" for investment.
Operating a "State of the Art" R&D & Quality Control laboratory and production facility, premium products produced by Certus are currently distributed throughout 33 countries around the globe through a distribution network of companies that also carry a full line of machines, equipment and supplies. Each distributor is highly trained in the use of PRESTIGE investments and are able to answer any questions related to our products.
To further ensure the highest batch to batch consistency for investment powder in the industry, Certus first and foremost has a "ZERO DEFECTS" policy. To achieve this policy, all "PRESTIGE brand investments go through a "three phase" quality control and assurance procedure. The Certus program includes testing of all incoming raw materials for particle size distribution, chemistry and purity. Secondly, each batch is lab tested to meet our rigid specifications for working time, set time, consistency of mixed slurry throughout the process, thermal expansion and finally compressive (green strength). The final and most important check in our 3 phase quality control system is for 3 samples of each batch produced to be field tested (cast) by an independent casting house to ensure each batch shipped will work perfectly in all markets when received by the customer. As a further benefit to the customer after casting, Certus investments undergo a physical change in properties that allows them to soften and blast out far more easily from the flask during initial water quench. This not only allows for more investment to be removed from flasks packed tightly with patterns, but also allows any residual investment trapped in blind holes and other difficult areas to be removed more easily with less time and effort using high pressure water blast for the final clean-up. With PRESTIGE brand investments, casters can now save up to 50% in the time required for flask and tree clean-up over other leading brands.